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    "People don’t get what they deserve. They get what they get. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it."
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    total destruction’s the only solution

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    Seeing Double at the Triple Rock by NOFX

    I’m a religious drunk and this is where I pray.

    The church of alcoholics can’t break up the congregation.

    Give us air to breathe through carbonation.

    We are at liquor church genuflecting on bar stools.

    We’re praying that the taps will keep the holy water flowing.

    Key kicks of communion, then a long night of confessions.

    Coming home after noon seems to raise a lot of questions.

    Love this verse.

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    These past few weeks have been ridiculously stressful to the point were my eyes are starting to randomly twitch… pretty sure that’s not normal. Too bad I have no time to see the optometrist.

    It’s just me and you, Streetlight, for the next 2 weeks until these goddamn midterms are over. You’ve gotten me through worse, lets do this.

    I’ve got a lot to do, I’ve got a lot to be, and in the end maybe you’ll see me there.

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    Jamaica Reggae by Los Pericos & The Skatalites

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    1. Don’t Stop Skankin’ Tour

    Caught Reel Big Fish’ tour this past Friday with a good friend. I had not seen these guys in a few years. I believe the last time I saw RBF was in 2009. The Fish did not disappoint. They’re amazing live performers. Every single RBF show I’ve been to sounds like a CD recording, and I mean that as a compliment. If you’ve never seen them live and love pop punk, 3rd wave ska goodness, they are a must see!

    Their set-list was awesome. They opened up with Everyone Else Is An Asshole off their new CD, which I am not the biggest fan of, but primarily stuck with old fan favorites like Beer, Sell Out, and Where Have You Been? I was a little disappointed that Matt Wong, Dan Reagan, and Scott are gone and so are a lot of their cheesy jokes and staples. However, Dan did show up during the encore for a kick ass rendition of 241.

    The first two opening bands were alright. Walked into the venue as The Maxies were playing their last song. Mighty Mongo played next and I found them to be too poppy for my tastes. I’m not a big fan of synth or keytars mixed with ska. The Pietasters played next and they rocked, as usual. Gotta love them soulful, rocksteady, ska beats.

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    Mictlantecuhtli (del náhuatl mictlantēuctli /mikt͡ɬtekʷt͡ɬi/ ‘señor del inframundo’, derivado de tēuc-tli ‘señor’ y mictlan ‘[lugar] de los muertos’) en la mitología mexica, zapoteca y mixteca es el dios del inframundo y de los muertos, también era llamado Popocatzin (de “popoca” ‘fumar’), por lo tanto era el dios de las sombras. Junto con su esposa Mictecacíhuatl, regía el mundo subterráneo o reino de Mictlán. Ejercía su soberanía sobre los “nueve ríos subterráneos” y sobre las almas de los muertos. Se le representa como el esqueleto de un humano con una calavera con muchos dientes. Asociado con las arañas, los murciélagos y los búhos, al ser dibujado se representaba con cabello negro y con ojos estelares o estrellas, la escultura de la derecha se encontró en la Casa de las Águilas, dentro del recinto sagrado donde se hallaba el Templo Mayor de México-Tenochtitlan.

    Regía el día número 10 llamado Itzcuintli (perro), la trecena número 10 y su fecha especial (de nacimiento) era el 6 casa. Su versión maya es Ah Puch.

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    2:34 = Eargasm

    The Delirians live in Chinatown @ The Grand Star Jazz Club in Los Angeles 8-23-13 (by Rptyle .)

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